Charge Capture

3 Key Attributes of Highly Successful Revenue Cycles

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Missed charges can result in lost revenue. Poof! Revenue seemingly vanishes into thin air. This is a problem that is easy to acknowledge as well as understand the direct negative results that stem from missing charges. However, there are many other factors in revenue cycles that aren't as easy to spot or measure effectively. These [...]

Charge Capture vs Paper Billing

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Paper billing, despite it's limitations, still has strong roots with many providers around the country. While there is a continued push to bring hospitals and providers into the digital age, it's not as easy for some. For example, this doctor in Portland, Maine still relies on paper billing and records. He, along with many others, [...]

Charge Capture is Helping Alleviate Risks Associated with EHR Migrations

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Migrating to a new EHR platform can be a daunting and often confusing process. Making such a massive switch requires careful planning to integrate data and ensure that practice workflow and necessary changes are both properly identified. A successful migration hinges on specific and individual analysis and extensive planning. Both need to be regularly updated [...]

Charge Capture Eases Transition to Value-Based Care

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Value-based care is quickly becoming the new norm throughout the healthcare industry. The push to transition to a more patient-oriented approach has been a rocky one so far though. Not only does the exact meaning of value-based care seem elusive, but there still is no definitive plan for rolling out new systems or payment structures. [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Charge Capture

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Charge capture, in its simplest form, can be defined as capturing a claim on a device. Look a little deeper and you’ll find a much more complex and intricate tool that, on further examination, is actually a revenue cycle management (RCM) utility/tool. Not only does charge capture help manage the full life cycle of hospital charges, [...]

What is Charge Capture?

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Let’s say you’re jumping on a trampoline and you get a little wild, lose control, and fly off! As you rise from your fall, you realize that your right arm is throbbing with pain, so you go to the doctor. He tells you your arm has a fracture, sets the bone, and puts a cast [...]