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For Coders & Billers

Tools to Simplify Medical Billing

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Revenue Cycle Management

MediMobile Revenue Cycle Management

Created for coders & billers. We call it Charge Review

Your Revenue Cycle Management all in one place makes Charge Review the ultimate biller’s assistant.  Review charges, apply thousands of automated processing rules, manage documentation compliance, and have complete visibility of your billing operations. Run reports on coding levels, pull a percentage of charges for auditing or survey purposes, or watch your practice’s dashboard to see the charges flowing through your company. More capabilities for Revenue Cycle Management:

  • Set preferences in Charge Review to automatically correct common billing and insurance changes.
  • Scrub claims before they go into your billing system.
  • Access the patient’s most up-to-date facesheet information.
  • Review all medical documentation attached to the patient record.

Medical Documentation

All the medical documentation for all your patients all in one spot

Are you using hospital portals or manual medical record collection? MediMobile’s Medical Documentation feed eliminates both of those processes with a simple solution: attaching the medical documentation to every patient record.

  • Real-time documentation feed containing both signed and unsigned medical records.
  • Notification of missing charges when used in conjunction with MediMobile’s Charge Capture. Can specify based on patient, date-of-service, or provider.
  • Increased collection rates from payors who require medical records prior to payment.
  • Ability to verify proper coding level.
  • Faster processing and payment of unlisted procedural codes.
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MediMobile ICD-10 Flow

Have your doctors select the right ICD-10 code every time all the time

MediMobile’s search engine is founded on accuracy and speed. Your providers will have the ability to code ICD-10 in 20 seconds or less. Most importantly, the providers will properly specify detailed ICD-10 codes, improving reimbursement rates.

  • Refinement allows providers to drill into the correct code, reducing and preventing denials. Options include site, laterality, disease process, and more.
  • ICD-10 instructional notes included right next to the ICD-10 code, saving even more time for coders and billers when determining proper coding.
  • Autocorrects misspellings, saving time.
  • More than 250 standardized terminology sets for fast and easy searching.

Automatic Rules and Workflows

Review charges, apply thousands of automated processing rules, manage documentation compliance, and more

Tired of changing the same error every day? Seeing a pattern in denials? Set automation preferences to guarantee the correct patient demographics, proper insurance, and accurate coding.

  • Turn common errors into automatic corrections.
  • Guarunteed billing of Medicare Part B for your providers.
  • Use your industry knowledge to optimize your workflow.
  • Want to do something special? We allow unlimited customizations.

Secure Messaging

MediMobile Secure Messaging

Message anyone on the care team and stay HIPAA compliant, for no additional cost

Need to get some info from a doctor? Send HIPAA-compliant, encrypted text and photo messages from your smartphone, tablet, or over the web with MediMobile Messenger.

  • Free to all physicians, giving you and your entire medical network HIPAA-compliant communication.
  • Fully integrated with the MediMobile suite of products.
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