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The Controls of Your Practice in Real-Time on Any Device

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Practice Analytics

MediMobile Practice Analytics

Your practice has vital signs. We’ve got the data

Real time analytics allow you to track quality measures, monitor performance, and keep a pulse on your business in real time. Going into hospital contract negotiations? Be empowered with your own data. The health of your Practice Management is a few clicks away.

  • Determine your average time to bill and confirm you have billed for all of your patients.
  • Run reports on documentation compliance.
  • Pull records on core measure-tracking, length of stay, readmit rates, and more.

Can’t find the report you need? Customize your reporting to fit your practice perfectly.


Avoid the increasing MIPS penalties and satisfy part of the value based modifier requirements

Stay ahead of MIPS deadlines and requirements with MediMobile as your MIPS registry.

  • Data capture – Use MediMobile Charge Capture to identify denominator eligible cases and capture performance of any measure.
  • Claims Submission – MediMobile can transfer case and performance data to your billing system for submission through claims.
  • Registry Submission – MediMobile is also a Qualified Regisrty, capable of submitting MIPS measures directly to CMS.
  • Analytics – Track MIPS, measure compliance and perfromance in real-time.
  • Auditing – Review provider documentation and MIPS information as part of your revenue cycle management processes.
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Revenue Cycle Management

MediMobile Revenue Cycle Management

Created just for coders and billers. We call it Charge Review

Charge Review is the ultimate assistant to any biller. Review charges, apply thousands of automated processing rules, manage documentation compliance, and have complete visibility of your practice management. Run reports on coding levels, pull a percentage of charges for auditing or survey purposes, or watch your practice’s dashboard to see the charges flowing through your company.

  • Set preferences in Charge Review to automatically correct common billing and insurance changes.
  • Scrub claims before they go into your billing system.
  • Access the patient’s most up-to-date facesheet information.
  • Review all medical documentation attached to the patient record.

Health Information Exchange

MediMobile Health Information Exchange

Your practice has devices and systems. They should speak to each other

Let MediMobile manage the flow of information between multiple facilities, billings systems, and other EMRs.

  • No need to collect or use facesheets.
  • No more faxes or paper stacks—automatically send charges into any billing system.
  • Instantly add patients to your census list from your EMR or when you document a patient encounter.
  • Your billers will no longer have to go into hospital portals: access patient demographics, insurance, and guarantor information, along with medical documentation all within MediMobile.

Integrations drastically increase the speed of your business and accuracy of your data.

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