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Frequently Asked Questions

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Charge Capture is the action of recording medical diagnoses and procedures.

We have a Board of Advisers of Physicians that assist in the direction of our technology and approach toward the market.

MediMobile is a CMS-certified registry and can track all quality measures. Additionally, we offer MIPS consulting and best practices to help you navigate all of the requirements.

MediMobile supports over 25 specialties and is fully customizable for each specialty.

MediMobile is designed to run any tablet or phone that runs either iOS (8+) or Android (4+). The web-based version of MediMobile will work on any web browser, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (8+).

Yes! We have integrations with every major hospital system in the country, including Epic, Athena Health, MediTech, Cerner, Allscripts, and McKesson.

With a focus on point-of-care billing solutions and patient management systems, MediMobile has reduced costs, streamlined processes, and ensured better quality of care for patients of over 10,000 physicians. Additionally, MediMobile has the distinct ability to track MIPS, core measures, and provide unparalleled chart visibility.

Yes! We have integrated with over 1,200 facilities running nearly every type of system you can imagine. We don’t force your billing system to meet our requirements, we build all of our interfaces to manage data in the best way possible for you and your software.

We are proud to be working with healthcare organizations such as Envision Physician Services, HCA, Baylor Scott & White, Baptist Health System, Athena Health, Ascension, CHS, Mercy Health, and Tenet. Don’t let that scare you though, we love working with smaller practices as well!

Yes! We can track real-time quality data, helping you improve patient care.

Yes! We can reconcile any missing charges to their corresponding documentation and vice-versa.

Yes! You can get fully customizable executive or physician dashboards sent straight to your inbox that include quality and compliance metrics.

Yes! MediMobile offers a standalone version of our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging system to non-MediMobile users. If you would like to add someone to your network, simply send them a text through MediMobile and they will get an invite.

If you are looking to elevate your practice, our dedicated account executives would love to listen to your needs:, (512) 942-2619

If you are a current user, please contact support.