We provide reliable charge capture software for medical professionals. Our mobile or web platform adapts to any size physician group or medical specialty.

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We are revolutionizing the charge capture industry by introducing a new, more innovative approach to revenue reconciliation. Check out our Revenue Optimization page to see the latest. Our goal is to eliminate costly and inefficient processes through effective use of automation. MediMobile now alerts providers to missing or incomplete charges and documentation in real-time. It's driving action and the results are immediate.

No. MediMobile was founded by veteran information technology executives with the intent of driving innovation into the healthcare industry. Our approach is unique because of this, and we think that's a good thing. We do, however, work closely with our physician advisory board, and customers, in order to develop to the true needs of the industry and specifically our end users.

Revenue reconciliation is the process that ensures a charge exists for every encounter and that it is documented in the medical record. By leveraging advanced integrations and cutting-edge technologies, MediMobile detects missing or incomplete charges and documentation, alerts the provider, and drives action until resolution.

The New MediMobile provides access to all necessary actions from a single screen. Just like smartphones and tablets, MediMobile now gives end users access to everything they need from a single screen- even the Web. The system also functions as a "Call-to-Action" dashboard. See everything that is missing or incomplete at-a-glance. No more wasting time clicking through screens or disparate systems. Our goal is to maximize your value by leveraging technology to identify areas in need of attention, shorten the time to resolution, and make sure the appropriate revenue is recognized as quickly as possible.

Yes. MediMobile is well versed in MIPS. We would be happy to consult with your team to help determine if you are required to participate, and if so, what measures are most appropriate. We have a library of all active measures that trigger when appropriate and reporting to track your compliance throughout the year.

MediMobile supports over 25 specialties and is fully customizable for each specialty.

We customize each interface built to the specific requirements of the system we are integrating with. Our interface types include ADT, SIU, ORM, ORU, MDM, BSI, and several others. We have integrations with large vendors like Epic, Athena Health, MediTech, Cerner, Allscripts, and McKesson. We also have interfaces with smaller vendors. Our team of experts would be happy to discuss your integration needs, whatever they are.

Absolutely. MediMobile offers hundreds of standard reports, drillable dashboards, and custom reports. Users can even access and monitor their most critical metrics in real-time at log-in through their customizable "Call-to-action" dashboard. Learn more on our Quality page.

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