Medical Billing Experts

MediMobile Medical Billing believes that transparency is the foundation for developing an outstanding business relationship with our partners.  We strive to provide physician practices with the highest level of expertise, insight, guidance and positive results.  We stay current on revenue cycle changes in each of our specialties and provide training and support to our staff and to your practice as well.

Our Services

Our focus is to collect the maximum revenue for your practice as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible.  Our proven track record of over a 95% clean claim submission is just the starting point.

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Physician Tools

MediMobile Medical Billing uses the last medical technology available to help our customers maximize their practice or group revenue. We offer a user-friendly charge capture tool to help providers bill and code from their mobile device. Charge capture simplifies data capture for our customers meaning that patient billing is more efficient at each step of the process.

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Robust Reporting

In order to effectively manage your revenue cycle, you need a detailed explanation of what is happening at your practice. MediMobile Medical Billing provides a variety of reports to track daily encounters, provider productivity, revenue cycle efficiency and more!

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