Equipping Providers for Success

MediMobile Medical Billing works with some of the best technology providers in the healthcare today to help our clients maximize their returns while cutting out busywork. The most important pieces of a practice’s revenue cycle are the providers. This is because the doctors not only see the patients but also select the ICD-10 and CPT codes, fill out the paperwork and submit the bills.

One of the reasons MediMobile Medical Billing can improve your revenue cycle management is because we understand the importance of integrating technology into a practice or physician group’s work flow. We help our clients work smarter by giving them the tools they need to bill faster and more accurately.

Charge Capture

Charge capture is a crucial tool for practices and groups looking to maximize their practice revenue. It allows physicians to bill their patients at the point of care. This means more accurate coding, and a much faster revenue cycle.

MediMobile Medical Billing works best with charge capture software because it allows providers to create patient bills with CPT and ICD-10 codes at the point of care, create and send patient referrals and capture care quality and MIPS data. All of this can be done from a provider’s smartphone or tablet. Charge capture is available through a web portal as well, for providers without a smart device.

Secure Communication

MediMobile Medical Billing also provider a secure messaging tool that allows not only for communication between providers, administrators, and support staff, but also the MediMobile Medical Billing team. Secure messaging between the entire healthcare team streamlines communication and can save hours of time previously spent on paging, callbacks, and trying to connect.

Having a secure messaging tool that connects providers and medical billers means that MediMobile Medical Billing technicians can quickly and conveniently communicate with providers. This ensures bill accuracy and eliminates the highly inefficient methods of communication traditionally employed by medical institutions.

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