Remote Patient Monitoring
Increase revenue oppotunities while improving
patient care via our RPM partnership solution.
Reimbursement for Remote Monitoring
New CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458 allow compensation for your time. Most practices can receive up to $200K in annual revenue for a RPM program.
Extend your practice outreach
RPM Clinical team onboards, monitors, and communicates with patients and practices
Receive Real-Time escalations
Track your patient's condition remotely. Track Blood Pressure, Glucose, Pulse Ox or thermometers easily with our all in one solution.
Improve Patient Care
Reduce preventable readmissions to hospitals.                                                                
Care Feed Messaging
Face book type information instructions passing
Promptly Serve Requests
Medication refills, assistance request, arrange transportation, and more
Building Care Community
Invite friends and family, and other providers
Appointment Requests
In office or virtual video call
Secure Communication
Video, Audio, Text chats with care community memebers
Symptom Reports
Routine screening questionnaire with alerts trigger based on response
Educational Resources
Create and assign video, web link, or PDF modules
Vitals Monitoring & Reporting
Connected sync with pulse ox, blood pressure, glucometer, thermometer, weight scale, or manual entry
Notifications and Reminders
Secure email, text, and phone notifications and reminders