End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Ultimately, MediMobile Medical Billing offers one of the most affordable medical billing services on the market today. We equip our customers with the tools they need to increase the returns of their practice or group. Our in-depth reporting and attention to every step of you revenue cycle mean that MediMobile Medical Billing can help you bill smarter.

There are thousands of medical billing companies in the United States. But you won’t find many who follow charges and patient bills from creation to collection. MediMobile Medical Billing offers end-to-end revenue cycle management to help your practice bill smarter and earn more revenue.

What End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Means

MediMobile Medical Billing offers one of the most complete revenue cycle tracking systems. We equip providers with a Charge Capture tool that helps prevent lost charges. Not only that, but with this charge capture tool providers can bill patients in as few as 3 clicks on their smartphone, tablet or through the web. By facilitating paperless physician practices, MediMobile Medical Billing can save doctors time while improving billing accuracy.

After the bills are posted electronically they are routed through our charge & claim scrubbing process. This checks the patient bill against thousands of rules that ensure that bills are properly coded. Optimizing patients bills means that providers will see higher returns from individual charges.  We strive to eliminate insurance claim underpayment and denials by getting it right on the first submission.

But Bill Optimization is only a piece of the equation that makes MediMobile Medical Billing one of the best medical billing solutions available. Our dedicated A/R follow-up and denial management re equally important in helping your group collect the revenue your providers have earned. All denied claims are investigated by an experienced billing professional who finds the root cause of the problem, corrects the claim and either resubmits or appeals when appropriate. At MediMobile Medical Billing, we are committed to quickly and professionally collecting your practice’s earnings.

Finally, MediMobile Medical Billing provides a detailed reporting toolkit to give both providers and administrators insight into their revenue cycle. Our reporting allows us to analyze your group’s billing practices to find strengths and weaknesses and help you figure out how to bill smarter. We examine a wide variety of factors: payer mix, insurance and patient aging, procedures performed, the timeline to charge entry and even a breakdown of providers and their billing habits. This information can help both you and your MediMobile Medical Billing support team better understand what works and what doesn’t about your practice’s revenue cycle. This information can help you bill smarter.

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