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Our customizable, interactive application automates your revenue reconciliation process in real-time by tracking and alerting you when a charge or chart is missing or incomplete.

patient information

Patient Insurance Information

  • Real-time ADT data in MediMobile product.
  • Real-time patient, insurance, and demographic data updated.
  • Data sent through billing workflow to ensure up-to-date information sent to billing process.
Admit discharge transfer

Admit. Discharge. Transfer. (ADT)

  • Real-time insurance, patient demographic updates.
  • Continual ADT updates.
  • Technical experts on staff to establish MDM and ADT feeds.
patient list

Provider Active List

  • Real-time EMR integration provides latest patient list to provider.
  • Reduce manual patient creation and search.
  • Ensure patients are tracked for timely billing.
clinical documentation

Clinical Documentation

  • Powers real-time charge reconciliation using charge capture and documentation data.
  • Provides visibility to missing charges and documentation.
  • Eliminates the use of portals and medical requests.

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