Robust Reporting Toolkit

Transparency is the foundation of our success with our current billing clients.  Our reporting toolkit supplies an easily customized snapshot of your billing practices. For trend analysis we focus on reporting information that will help you streamline how your providers bill. You can view monthly reports on allowables and collections and accounts receivable aging, helping you know that your revenue is being handled by dedicated professionals.

The Key Performance Indicators Report

Key Performance Indicators Report provides crucial information for monitoring the health of your practice.  Key Indicators include:

  • Charge volume
  • Sum of charges
  • Sum of collections
  • Percentage of reconciled charges by month
  • Outstanding A/R
  • Payor Mix changes by month

The Accounts Receivable Aging Report

The Accounts Receivable Aging Report is one of the most important reports for your practice to provide a gauge of which claims have not paid- and for how long.  The average length of time for claim payment is one month, but the A/R Aging Report allows you to identify those claims taking longer to get paid, which is often Payor specific.

Payment Trend and Collection Reports

Payment Trend and Collection Reports enable you to get a clearer picture into what you’re A/R is comprised of.  They provide detail regarding what has been billed and collected, including Patient Payments.  This detail can be viewed for specific providers and/or for the entire group.

Payor Mix Analysis Report

This report provides important information about the Payor mix you are submitting claims to, which directly impacts your revenue. We provide the detail to view this by facility, by provider and by the group.

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