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MediMobile Charge Capture


  • Included ADT integrations allow for patient list and demographic pre-population
  • Comes standard with industry-leading reporting and analytics
  • Allows for charge creation with greater specificity and fewer clicks
  • Code refinement by Wolters Kluwer provides lightning-fast selection using official or common terminology
  • Customizable MIPS tracking that prompts action on eligible patients
  • Allows providers to capture face sheets via mobile device camera in post-acute settings where ADT integration may not be available
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  • Powers real-time charge reconciliation using charge capture and clinical documentation data
  • Provides full visibility to which charges are missing documentation and vice-versa
  • Populates clinical documentation into charge review so billers / coders can view charge and clinical data side-by-side in one system
  • Eliminates the use of hospital portals and medical record requests
  • Drastically reduces FTE costs
clinical documentation
charge review


  • Organizes all relevant charge and demographic data in one place
  • Fully scrub charges before they feed into the billing system
  • Enables unparalleled work-flow customization
  • Filters overwhelming data into easy-to-work silos


  • 100% HIPAA Compliant messaging
  • Powers improved quality-of-care by consulting other physicians in seconds
  • Stores all data on HIPAA-compliant servers so no data sent or received is ever stored on your device
  • Free for anyone to use
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  • Powers real-time tracking of quality measures, performance monitoring, and overall business health
  • Allows custom reporting on any important metrics for your business
  • Gain insight into documentation compliance, time-to-bill and confirmed billing, core measure tracking, readmit rates, and more


  • Manages the flow of data between multiple facility EHRs, practice management, and billing systems
  • Powers instant face sheet and demographic information population
  • Automatically adds patients to a provider census list from the EHR or upon a documented patient encounter
  • Provides billers visibility to all relevant data in one place, eliminating the need for portals
medimobile integrations


  • Data Capture – use MediMobile charge capture to identify denominator eligible cases and capture performance of any measure
  • Claims Submission – MediMobile can transfer case and performance data to your billing system for submission through claims
  • Registry Submission – MediMobile is also a qualified registry, capable of submitting MIPS measures directly to CMS
  • Analytics – track MIPS, measure compliance, and performance in real-time
  • Auditing – review provider documentation and MIPS information as part of your revenue cycle management processes


  • Powers improved outcomes and continuity of care by automatically notifying a patient’s PCP when a discharge code is entered
  • Helps ease transition to value-based care as providers can be sure other providers are informed and caring for patients
pcp direct
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