MediMobile provides deep learning tools, automating the painstaking charge capture and medical coding process for providers and billing personnel while increasing accuracy, reducing workload and ensuring no missed revenue opportunities.


MediMobile's Mission

Our mission is to increase revenue for clinicians through innovative technologies and automation.


MediMobile takes great prides on being a leading-edge technology company. Our team has a strong bench of technical expertise and world class customer support. As we look to the future, we continue to listen to the business needs of the customer, from large hospital systems to individual physicians, and develop the next generation of the platform to improve patient care and increase your revenue.


Our history

MediMobile began in May of 2000 with two employees filling a need for a hospitalist. Based on customer feedback and industry need, MediMobile now supports thousands of providers by delivering cutting edge technology to grow revenue with mobile charge capture, real-time clinical documentation and insurance data and revenue reconciliation.

Our latest innovation, AI-Based Autonomous Coding completely eliminates the need for manual charge capture and automates the entire charge capture process through your clinical documentation and artificial intelligence. Automated charge creation. Automated CPT Code selection. Automated ICD-10 Diagnosis Code selection. Automated MIPS Measure generation. It's amazing.


The MediMobile Difference

  • Significant Workload Reduction: Streamlined processes benefiting clinicians and coders.
  • Unified Documentation: Viewable clinical documentation in one single application.
  • Real-Time Insurance Updates: Stay ahead with immediate insights into insurance updates.
  • Charge Integrity: Identify and capture missing charges, optimizing revenue.


MediMobile CEO Paul Valenzuela

Paul Valenzuela

Founder, CEO

As CEO and Co-Founder, Paul is dedicated to releasing providers from the burden of clunky, disparate reconciliation charge capture systems by providing an integrated platform that providers can trust to manage, and streamline all their patient billing, and charge capture documentation processes in the palm of their hand. Paul works closely with MediMobile clients and C-level executives to provide solutions that reveal practices’ revenue cycle health with full top-to-bottom visibility and transparency. He believes in keeping providers focused on positive patient outcomes and executives informed on the health, growth, and profitability of their business.

MediMobile Founder James Enis

James Enis

Founder, Advisor

James’ entrepreneurial mindset and native Texan grit continues to drive MediMobile’s innovative mindset. Over the course of his career, James has emerged as an authority in development, implementation, and software engineering. His experience in large-scale data center management, development projects, as well as executive oversight of globally operated businesses has equipped him with the skills to lead MediMobile to the forefront of the healthcare software industry. James remains focused on providing clients with cutting edge technology while scaling solutions to encompass the needs of enterprise level medical facilities, as well as smaller provider groups.

The MediMobile Blog

Whether you're a healthcare executive, clinician or a billing and coding professional, our blogs provide valuable insights that can shape your organization's future success.

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