MediMobile provides deep learning tools, automating the painstaking charge capture and medical coding process for providers and billing personnel while increasing accuracy, reducing workload and ensuring no missed revenue opportunities.

MediMobile AI Details

Automated Medical Coding - AI

MediMobile is working hard to completely eliminate the need for providers to capture their charges. Using Clinical documentation, AI-Assisted workflow, autonomous charge creation and coding, MediMobile is creating a system where you will no longer have to capture your charges- our system will do it for you.


 Time to put patients first!

AI Brain

AI-Based Autonomous Coding Engine

Medical Coding is the lifeblood of all successful practices and facilities. When it comes to achieving revenue goals and ensuring compliance, coding speed and accuracy are essential. MediMobile has designed the industry leading AI based autonomous Coding Engine.


  • MediMobile AI allows providers and coders to view our automated scoring grid for final code selection and review

  • Our proprietary AI tool improves coding accuracy, ensuring you are maximizing revenue

  • 100% compliance is achieved by matching authenticated documentation to billed charges

  • Always up-to-date with single click validation and acceptance

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What will Autonomous Medical Coding automate for me?

  1. Charge Creation: Streamline your workflow with our system, which effortlessly generates charges, saving you time and reducing the burden of manual entry.

  2. CPT Code Selection: Let our system handle CPT code selection for you. With precision and efficiency, it ensures accurate coding, minimizing errors and optimizing your billing process.

  3. ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Selection: Say goodbye to the complexities of diagnosis code selection. We'll take the guesswork out of ICD-10 coding, ensuring that your documentation aligns with accurate diagnosis codes. 

  4. MIPS Measure Generation with Precision: Navigate the intricacies of MIPS measures effortlessly. Our system not only automates the generation of MIPS measures but does so with precision, helping you meet reporting requirements.

MediMobile AI on Computer Interface - Autonomous Coding

Efficient Workflow

We provide:

• Access to our Charge Review Application designed specifically for billers and coders
• Immediate access and visibility to clinical documentation
• Real time insurance and patient status updates are reflected in the application
• Ability for custom statuses and workflow controls
• Automated clinician hard stops for MIPS measures and CPTII code data collection


You benefit:

• Increased Coder Productivity
• Streamline workflow processes
• Consistent charge throughput
• 100% compliance by matching documentation to charges
• Improved coding confidence and accuracy
• Immediate access to documentation for clinician audits to reduce the need for QA coding holds

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Autonomous Coding

MediMobile has incorporated AI into all of our technologies and existing processes.  This allows our customers to benefit using our new technology without having to re-learn or change their existing processes.  MediMobile AI completes various tasks, charges and medical coding removing cumbersome workload from providers and billers.

 For example, in the past providers would have to initiate a charge, code the charge and complete various pieces of information.  Using MediMobile AI the charge is created for the provider along with all relevant information.  All work is visible to the provider and billers ensuring their comfort level with work completed. 

Absolutely! MediMobile has many configuration options for our customers.  All charges created and coded by MediMobile AI is present in the providers lists as well as presented in our Charge Review Application for billers and coders. Providers can review all coded charges before submission or have them automatically submitted and be available for review at a later time. 
MediMobile AI and autonomous coding creates and codes your charges once you have completed the patient’s medical chart in your EMR.  MediMobile AI will identify a missing charge, create the missing charge and then the autonomous coding engine will code the charge presenting it to you in seconds. Based on your workflow, the provider can approve the charge or it is instantly sent for processing. 

Yes, we read documents and present CPT & ICD in real time!

HL7, MDM and ADT are preferred.

Because MediMobile works with your team to select documentation templates we code 100% of completed, authenticated documentation.

Autonomous coding is the process of MediMobile AI reading medical documentation, creating and accurately coding all charges for providers.  You can choose to go direct to charge or to review and accept before transmission.   
MediMobile AI was developed and intended to remove redundant processes along with strengthening a more analytical approach to revenue reconciliation. Our goal is to “kill” charge capture for all providers.  Through the implementation of Autonomous coding and intelligent workflow, we allow your providers to focus on patient care. 
MediMobile Autonomous coding relies on the providers documentation.  The more in depth the documentation, the more accurate MediMobile autonomous coding will be. Based on current usage, the MediMobile Autonomous coding engine is 50% to 100% more accurate than our competitors. This is due to our unique and proprietary process and technology.  No one in the industry is able to replicate MediMobile AI and Autonomous coding because of our large array of technology and toolsets. 

MediMobile Autonomous Coding works for any specialty!

We can interface with any EMR system. 
Based on the documentation provided, we code upwards of 95% accuracy. If accuracy is not certain, we provide feedback on the documentation to get you to 100%.

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