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MediMobile Stories

Our work with Travis Hall and the entire team at MediMobile is aimed to increase RCM efficiency, enhance revenue from lost charges, and reduce days sales outstanding by the goal of 7 days to enter charges. We have been exceptionally happy with the service, dedication, integration, and progress made in this venture over the past 5 months. MediMobile continues to work in partnership to achieve our organizational goals. The progress has been beyond our expectations in terms of increased efficiency and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Travis and the MediMobile team was their ability to cut through the predictable policies with our largest hospital client, keep everyone happy, teams’ responsiveness, and deliver the expected results and then some

Jonathan Dayton, Chief Operating Officer, EmCare Acute Care Surgery
MediMobile replaced a charge capture tool that was inefficient and cumbersome last year. We moved over 13 programs to their charge capture application. They performed amazingly during our transition, both by being very hands-on and available for any provider or executive with a question. The first work we did together was an OB/GYN Hospitalist program and then a Critical Care program. The charge capture and data analytics are invaluable to these types of programs. The devil is in the detail and we realized early on we must have a cutting edge tool in this regard. MediMobile has collaborated with us to create survey tools, analytic reports, optimize coding through rules, and capture Core Measure data. MediMobile’ s ability to listen and find solutions for our needs places them light years ahead of the other guys.

If you want real customer service, processes that work and effective implementation – where you know you will get the results- use MediMobile. When a lot is riding on not only your revenue stream, but capturing data you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank MediMobile enough for assisting us in getting where we are today.

Cyndi Gerard, Director of Operations, Questcare Hospitalists
MediMobile is SIMPLE, EASY and INTUITIVE! When I am finished seeing my patients, the billing is done! I have used MediMobile for over 10 years and they continue to impress. Their customer service is the best in any industry. They have proven to be a true partner!
Dr. Quan Dang, Central Texas Hospitalists
We are a large hospitalist and internal medicine practice and implemented the Medimobile billing solution a few months back. With the combination of the mobile device applications, robust reporting functionality and ease of use, Medimobile has allowed us to simplify our billing process significantly. But more than the product itself, we have been extremely impressed with the staff and their commitment to customer service. From project implementation to ongoing technical support, the staff at Medimobile have gone above and beyond to address our concerns and make the transition as smooth as possible. I highly recommend Medimobile to anyone who is looking for an electronic billing and charge capture solution.
Varesh Chaurasia, M.B.A., Group Administrator
MediMobile has dramatically simplified patient tracking, billing and scheduling by taking away the tedious handwritten lists and the costly possibility of misplacing billing sheets. By using MediMobile, I have seen a more steady flow of collections rather than the wide fluctuation that I used to experience when turning in batched billing by hand.
Dr. Shawn Laney, Hospital Internists
As a nationwide organization, our operations team organized a thorough selection process that included multiple vendors from across the country. After completing side by side comparisons with each of these various options, MediMobile clearly stood ahead of the pack – especially when considering their levels of technology and customer service. Travis Hall and his team have been excellent from the inception of our discussions and truly stand behind what they vow to provide.
Aubrey G. Hooper, Vice President, New Business Development, ECi | HCi
Our physicians like MediMobile—instead of carrying pages of paper lists of all our hospital patients, everything is in one device. MediMobile has shortened our time for reimbursement from the insurance companies and since our physicians enter the patient data themselves, it frees our billing staff for other tasks.
Vicky Adamson, Austin, Texas Area Specialist
I’ve used a number of billing products over the years but MediMobile is without question the most adaptable and robust. With the implementation of the iPhone application, I am able to submit charges quickly when it is most convenient. The customer service is unparalleled, both online and by phone.
Rod Sosa MD FHM, Hospital Medicine Consultants
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