MediMobile provides deep learning tools, automating the painstaking charge capture and medical coding process for providers and billing personnel while increasing accuracy, reducing workload and ensuring no missed revenue opportunities.

MediMobile Medical Billing 2023

Medical Billing

MediMobile provides full medical billing services for customers. MediMobile leverages our experts, knowledge and  technology to ensure we are maximizing our customers' revenue.


Best in class

Experiences team with reconciled claims at an avg. of 96.8%. Reconciled claims within 90 days and a denial rate of less than 5%. Average days sales outstanding (DSO) for procedural clients is 20 days.


Personalized service

US-based billing specialists utilize MediMobile's automated process for efficient claims processing, financial analysis of existing practice and review of current processes.



Extensive reporting capabilities providing automated delivery of key metrics and payment analysis. Provider level metrics on collections and overall revenue.

We can integrate into your existing billing system!


At MediMobile, we understand that every healthcare practice has unique needs. While our medical billing services are designed to streamline and optimize your revenue cycle, we recognize that you might have your own billing solution.


That's why we offer seamless integration of our other top-notch healthcare solutions into your existing billing system.


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Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Medical Billing

MediMobile medical billing works directly with our MediMobile charge capture platform. Providers utilize this system to ensure all patient facesheet information is captured and presented to the medical billing team. This ensures the RCM process is efficient and accurate from patient visit to claims being processed.
The medical billing staff is located in the US. Our headquarters is in the Austin Texas area. All billing personnel are employed by MediMobile a US based company.
MediMobile handles patient payments offering a payment portal for seamless transactions.
MediMobile medical billing is the most integrated solution on the market. No other platform integrates hospital facesheet and medical record data in the RCM process. This functionality ensures that claims have the highest reimbursement available, in the fastest manner possible.
Yes. MediMobile medical billing provides a full-service billing service. We offer all services including charge validation, insurance validation, claims submission, payment posting and patient billing. Full reporting including payment and account receivable visibility are also key components of our service.
The Medimobile billing reports are fully automated. Users will receive an email allowing them to view charges, payments, and accounts receivable. Monthly reporting is a standard offering, and optional reporting capabilities and analysis options are available.
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MediMobile Medical Billing Description 2023
  • Streamline business processes
    & eliminate bottlenecks
  • End-to-end revenue management
  • Robust reporting and analytic tools
  • Experience with large multi-specialty groups and health systems
  • Total transparency
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