We provide reliable charge capture software for medical professionals. Our mobile or web platform adapts to any size physician group or medical specialty.

MediMobile Medical Billing 2023

Medical Billing

MediMobile provides full medical billing services for customers. MediMobile leverages our experts, knowledge and  technology to ensure we are maximizing our customers' revenue.


Best in class

Experiences team with reconciled claims at an avg. of 96.8%. Reconciled claims within 90 days and a denial rate of less than 5%. Average days sales outstanding (DSO) for procedural clients is 20 days.


Personalized service

US-based billing specialists utilize MediMobile's automated process for efficient claims processing, financial analysis of existing practice and review of current processes.



Extensive reporting capabilities providing automated delivery of key metrics and payment analysis. Provider level metrics on collections and overall revenue.

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MediMobile Medical Billing Description 2023
  • Streamline business processes
    & eliminate bottlenecks
  • End-to-end revenue management
  • Robust reporting and analytic tools
  • Experience with large multi-specialty groups and health systems
  • Total transparency
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