MediMobile provides deep learning tools, automating the painstaking charge capture and medical coding process for providers and billing personnel while increasing accuracy, reducing workload and ensuring no missed revenue opportunities.


Meet our team

MediMobile CEO Paul Valenzuela

Paul Valenzuela

Founder, CEO

As CEO and Co-Founder, Paul is dedicated releasing providers from the burden of clunky, disparate reconciliation charge capture systems by providing an integrated platform that providers can trust to manage, and streamline, all of their patient, billing, and charge capture documentation processes in the palm of their hand. Paul works closely with MediMobile clients and C-level executives to provide solutions that reveal practices' revenue cycle health with full top-to-bottom visibility and transparency. He believes in keeping providers focused on positive patient outcomes, and executives informed on the health, growth, and profitability of their business. Paul is a graduate of St. Edward's University here in Austin, Texas, where he earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Management.

MediMobile Founder

James Enis

Founder, Advisor

James' entrepreneurial mindset and native Texan grit continues to drive MediMobile's innovative mindset. Over the course of his career, James has emerged as an authority in development, implementation and software engineering. His experience in large-scale data center management, development projects, as well as executive oversight of globally-operated businesses has equipped him with the skills to lead MediMobile to the forefront of the healthcare software industry. James remains focused on providing customers with cutting edge technology while scaling solutions to encompass the needs of enterprise level medical facilities as well as smaller provider groups. James holds multiple patents as well as MCP, MCP+I, MCT, MCSE, PMP and Six Sigma Black Belt certifications.

MediMobile Revenue Cycle Management RCM

Alissa Valenzuela

President, Revenue Cycle Management

In 2009, Alissa joined MediMobile, bringing over 25 years of experience in customer service and project management, including her thirteen year tenure at Dell, Inc. headquarters. Under her guidance, MediMobile has gained operational strength, procedural structure and positive year-over-year growth for the last 9 years. Alissa oversees all contracting, operations management, and medical billing sectors of MediMobile. Her attentiveness to streamlining procedures and processes affords us the ability to explore new venues to optimize our solutions. Alissa is a proud Fighting Texas Aggie, having earned her Bachelor's of Science from Texas A&M University.

MediMobile Director Product Development

Will Enis

Vice President, Product Development

Since 2012, Will has made leaps and bounds within the IT department and dug deep into what it means to create impactful solutions that serve the medical industry. As Director of Product Development, his top priority is the facilitation of successful integrations and continued solution development for our platform users and practice partners. Will serves as a liaison for outbound hospital interfaces and throughput to billing company practices. He plays a pivotal roll in the communication between development, management, and networking staff. Will oversees the product development department, working closely with our engineering and design teams to implement new solutions and features for MediMobile applications. Will attended Texas A&M University Kingsville, where he played college football.


Chris Easter

Vice President, Engineering

Since 2007, Chris has been leading our team of developers to push the boundaries of web application development, automation and system integrations. Prior to MediMobile, Chris lead framework design and training software development teams for Dell, Inc., supporting several hundred developers and applications used by tens of thousands of employees. His expertise in large-scale business intelligence systems development and innovation system integrations have been pivotal in the continued development and success of MediMobile solutions. Chris' expertise enables MediMobile to provide further enhanced, real-time metrics to hospitalists, medical facilities and practice executives across the country.

MediMobile Revenue Cycle Management

Morgan Krull

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management

Morgan oversees medical practice management consultations for all multi-state provider groups MediMobile services. Her responsibilities include oversight of regulatory compliance, credentialing, contracting, billing and account reconciliation. Morgan has more than 21 years of experience in healthcare operations management, medical billing management, patient advocacy, benefit analysis, account and compliance auditing, quality management and provider credentialing services. In her spare time, Morgan enjoys painting, reading, and spending time with her animals. She holds a Bachelor's of Social work from University of Texas at Austin and her Masters in Health Administration.

Medi Mobile Senior Director Engineering Mobile Charge Capture

Emil Indradjaja

Senior Director, Engineering

Emil joined MediMobile in 2006, heading off our remote engineering offices and teams that specialize in the innovation of mobile technology applications. Emil's years of experience in software development with a focus on web, mobile and emerging technologies, continues to propel the future of MediMobile solutions on mobile and handheld devices. His continued commitment to innovative solution development equips our engineering teams with the structural development methodologies to successfully provide live synchronization for medical executives, providers and administrators right in the palms of their hands. Emil is one of our hometown locals, as a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, where he earned his Bachelor's in Computer Science.

MediMobile Content Development

David Lapeyrolerie

Director of Content Development

David joined MediMobile in 2018. He brings with him a wealth of corporate classroom experience. He has created learning environments for thousands of students over the last 20 years. When David is not training, he can be found collaborating with colleagues and clients. His focus is to produce training materials that enlighten and encourage users throughout their MediMobile experience. David resides in Maypearl, Texas and has participated in several marathons.

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