MediMobile provides deep learning tools, automating the painstaking charge capture and medical coding process for providers and billing personnel while increasing accuracy, reducing workload and ensuring no missed revenue opportunities.

MediMobile Reporting and Analytics Systems

Reporting and Analytics

Are you looking to gain valuable insights into your operations?  

Look no further than MediMobile’s Reporting and Analytics Suite. With our suite of tools, including data analytics and data visualization, you can easily measure key metrics and track your organization's performance in real time.  


MediMobile suite also includes forecasts and raw data analysis, providing the information you need to make informed decisions. Our automation capabilities allow you to streamline your processes, improve patient length of stay, and reduce patient readmissions. With MediMobile's flexible, simple, and easy-to-use suite, you'll have all the tools you need to make meaningful improvements to your business operations. 


Harness the power of data to measure and gain insights into your operations with MediMobile’s flexible Reporting and Analytics Suite.

Our comprehensive menu of pre-built reports allows you to analyze and track key metrics for your organization.


Monitor performance in real-time, determine the overall progress of a site, or drill-down into individual provider results.

You can even use our reporting and analytics suite to provide valuable insight to improve patient length of stay or reduce patient readmissions. Let MediMobile help you make meaningful improvements to your business operations.




Reporting: What we Provide

  • Realtime and staged reports
  • 100's of pre-built reports
  • Reliable and consistent data
  • Customization through parameters
  • Multiple export and view options 
  • Automated scheduled report
    email delivery
  • Robust reporting suite
  • Export to Excel and PDF 
  • Offer secure data export to your
    data warehouse
MediMobile Analytics for Mobile Charge Capture


Our robust Analytics platform provides group level intelligence while giving insight into individual clinician results for best practice comparison. Data can be graphed for your story telling needs and information can easily be incorporated into your hospital or organization facing presentations. 


Our advanced platform for Data analytics facilitates the extraction of high-level insights from Raw data. With the help of Data visualization tools, you can easily create interactive visualizations and charts to communicate your findings.


MediMobiles automation of repetitive tasks, enables you to focus on more complex analysis. The platform provides a comprehensive view of group-level intelligence and allows for comparisons of individual clinician results to identify best practices. You can present your findings and insights in your hospital or organization-facing presentations with ease. 


  • Slice & dice the data at various levels within the organization
  • Highlight outliers 
  • Create a decision making data model





In today's modern world of medicine, understanding what is happening in your business is paramount. MediMobile provides real-time dashboards for monitoring key metrics, trends and analysis of past performance to allow you to analyze your business in real-time.


How we can help you

MediMobile’s dashboard empowers the user by allowing users the ability to customize their own dashboard to meet their needs by selecting from our repository of pre-built reports and enterprise views, with drill-down capabilities to monitor multiple sites at once. With simple drag and drop, along with sizing controls, you can create your ideal reporting workspace. We provide a real-time 24/7 monitoring dashboard dedicated to your organization.

MediMobile Monitoring for Mobile Charge Capture

Monitoring Examples:

  • Daily encounter volume
  • Missing bills by provider
  • CPT use frequency 
  • wRVU per encounter
  • Time-to-bill creation
  • Missing documentation 
  • Signed vs Unsigned document ratio
  • Payer Mix
Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Reporting and Analytics

Charge capture healthcare typically uses reports that provide information on the status of patient billing, revenue cycle management, and performance. These reports include daily and monthly summaries, aging reports, and charge capture reconciliation reports. These reports aim to ensure accurate, timely, and complete billing, identify areas for improvement in revenue cycle management, and ultimately maximize revenue for the healthcare organization. 
By providing a data visualization representation of key metrics and performance indicators related to charge capture. This can help organizations identify areas for improvement, track progress, and help make data-driven decisions. A dashboard for this information can improve provider communication and collaboration, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and success in charge capture efforts. 
Using MediMobile data analysis techniques, healthcare organizations can identify trends and patterns in patient care that can help them improve their operations and patient outcomes. Analytics can also help providers identify discrepancies in billing and coding, allowing them to capture charges that might go unnoticed. In this way, analytics can help providers improve their revenue cycle management and ensure they are properly compensated for their services. 
MediMobile data automation can play a significant role in making sense of raw data with healthcare charge capture. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, data automation can quickly analyze large volumes of data, identify patterns, and generate insights to help organizations optimize their charge capture processes. This can lead to improved accuracy and efficiency in billing, reduced revenue leakage, and ultimately, better financial outcomes for the organization.

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