We provide reliable charge capture software for medical professionals. Our mobile or web platform adapts to any size physician group or medical specialty.


Eliminate Revenue Leakage

Our clinician interactive application automates your daily charge reconciliation process in real-time by tracking and alerting clinicians when a charge or chart is missing or incomplete.

Front End Charge Capture

Front End Charge Capture

We provide:

  • Automated daily clinician encounter assignment tool
  • Clinician at a glance visibility and access to assigned missing encounters
  • Immediate access to view clinical documentation 
  • Automated reports alerting leadership to clinicians with missing charges


You can benefit:

  • Save time, improve efficiency by:
    • eliminating manual admin tracking workflows
    • reduce new clinician coding holds with documentation needed for audits immediately available for scoring and education / feedback
  • Your teams will have less busy work and more time to focus on performance improvement
  • Reports alert Medical Leadership to clinicians with missing charges


Back End Charge Review

Back End Charge Review

We provide: 
  • A single platform system easily accessed by stakeholders, clinicians, coders and billing teams
  • Automated coding rules engine
  • Immediate access to view clinical documentation stored in the application 
  • Reports that reflect coder changes
  • Bounce back coder and biller work lists


You can benefit:

  • Save time and improved efficiency by not having to toggle between systems 
  • Improved coding efficiency, coders can meet expected turnaround time (TAT)
  • Timely encounter verification gets charges out faster 
  • Improved clean claim rates  
  • Reduced days outstanding (DSO) 
  • Swift billing / ARR team denial resolution with immediate access to medical records stored in the application
patient information

Patient Information Updates

We provide during your patients stay:
  • Real time, accurate data updates from the feed and capture this in the application related to any:
    • demographic
    • insurance
    • place of service
    • care relationship information


 You can Benefit:

  • All updated patient data is sent through to charge review for your coders and billers
  • Reduced rate of coder / clinician inquiries with readily available documentation and place of service updates
  • A work queue will auto populate any insurance updates weeks or months after a patient is discharged for needed billing follow-up
Our solution

Our Solution

We provide:
  • A single efficient platform solution that:
    • Scales with group size and multi-specialty services
    • Is affordable and cost effective 
    • Provides a dedicated, proactive integration project manager
    • Can start-up in 30 days  
    • Delivers world class support
    • Reports real time data with ease and all reports run smooth and do not time out


You can benefit:

  • Improve gross revenue!
  • Mitigate any loss of charges
  • Improved work life for your teams
  • Less disruption and stress to your organization
  • Reduced operating expenses due to our streamlined charge review platform
  • No inflated upfront costs 

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