We provide reliable charge capture software for medical professionals. Our mobile or web platform adapts to any size physician group or medical specialty.

MediMobile AI Assisted Medical Coding

Alleviate Clinician Workload

MediMobile is working hard to completely eliminate the need for providers to capture their charges. Using Clinical documentation, workflow, AI-assisted coding and other processes and technology, MediMobile is creating a system where you will no longer have to capture your charges- our system will do it for you.


Time to put patients first!


MediMobile AI Assisted Coding Engine (AACE)

AI Assisted Coding Engine (AACE)

Medical Coding is the lifeblood of all successful practices and facilities. When it comes to achieving revenue goals and ensuring compliance, coding speed and accuracy are essential. MediMobile has designed the industry leading AI Assisted Coding Engine (AACE).


  • MediMobile AI allows providers and coders to view our automated scoring grid for final code selection and review

  • Our proprietary AI tool improves coding accuracy, ensuring you are maximizing revenue

  • 100% compliance is achieved by matching authenticated documentation to billed charges

  • Always up-to-date with single click validation and acceptance

MediMobile Physician Charge Capture and Mobile Medical Billing

Efficient Workflow

We provide:

• Access to our Charge Review Application
• Immediate access and visibility to clinical documentation
• Real time insurance and patient status updates are reflected in the application
• Ability for custom statuses and workflow controls
• Automated clinician hard stops for MIPS measures and CPTII code data collection


You benefit:

• Increased Coder Productivity
• Streamline workflow processes
• Consistent charge throughput
• 100% compliance by matching documentation to charges
• Improved coding confidence and accuracy
• Immediate access to documentation for clinician audits to reduce the need for QA coding holds

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The MediMobile Difference

Over 15 years ago, MediMobile lead the charge capture industry by integrating and receiving real-time data feeds from hospital systems. This gives our customers a significant advantage to streamline their processes and create efficacies that translate directly to dollars.


  • Clinical documentation available in real-time

  • Clinical documentation viewed directly in MediMobile

  • Real-time insurance updates

  • Eliminate charge lag utilizing documentation viewed and coded in real-time

  • Discover missing charges

  • Reduced coder / clinician communication with readily available documentation

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Eliminate Revenue Leakage
  • Eradicate revenue leakage 
  • Increase revenue
  • 100% of clinical documentation with missing charges is coded and billed 
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