We provide reliable charge capture software for medical professionals. Our mobile or web platform adapts to any size physician group or medical specialty.


Alleviate Clinician Workload

Medimobile has created a proprietary machine learning solution with natural language processing components (NLP) that will eliminate charge entry for clinicians.


Time to put patients first!


Efficient coding workflow

Efficient Workflow

  • Our proprietary AI solution will eliminate charge entry for clinicians
  • We provide instant visibility to clinical documentation for clinicians, coders & billers saving your team time
  • Using our structured charge review product to guide your process improves coding productivity
  • Reduce days outstanding as charges can be verified faster

Code with confidence

Code with Confidence

  • Access to the clinical documentation scoring grid provides the clinician or coder final code selection review and approval
  • Our proprietary AI tool improves coding accuracy
  • 100% compliance matching authenticated documentation to billed charges
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Eliminate Revenue Leakage
  • Eradicate revenue leakage 
  • Increase revenue
  • 100% of clinical documentation with missing charges is coded and billed 
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