Smarter Medical Billing and Revenue Management

MediMobile Medical Billing is a flexible and affordable medical billing and revenue management solution for physician service organizations and specialist groups. We offer a variety of tools and services that boost your bottom line while streamlining your practice’s business processes. Our robust reporting toolkit and data capture process allow us to understand and educate you about the strengths and weaknesses of your billing practices. MediMobile Medical Billing users see an increase in total practice revenue and a significantly faster revenue cycle.

Medical Billing

Our team is committed to maximizing your practice ROI. By combining the latest medical technology with our analytical toolkit we can provide detailed insight into a physician service organization or specialist group’s revenue cycle. Our medical billing services guarantee end-to-end revenue cycle management, meaning that your practice will capture more revenue. And, thanks to our low-cost services, you’ll keep more too!

Revenue Management

MediMobile Medical Billing is more than just a billing service – we also offer revenue management to help you transform the business side of your practice. Our robust reporting and analytics toolkit allow us to analyze your billing history to determine your greatest strengths and biggest challenges. MediMobile Medical Billing can help not only your practice ROI but your data capture, scheduling and intraorganizational communication.

Need a Billing Solution?

Do you need help with your medical billing? Are you concerned about your reimbursement rates? Then it’s time to learn more about how MediMobile Medical Billing can help your practice capture more revenue, more quickly. Request a free consultation and we’ll help you determine if MediMobile Medical Billing is the right solution for your medical billing or practice management needs.

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