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MediMobile Clinical Management Tools and MIPS Reporting 2023

Quality Outcomes & Tracking


MediMobile uses our technology better. We offer quality initiative support and clinical management tools that focus on improving clinical quality outcomes for your patients. Our software rules engine can be tailored for selected MIPS measure capture, site specific quality measure customization and your organizational performance tracking. 


  • Consulting and MIPS submission available

  • MediMobile rules engine can be tailored for selected MIPS measure capture

  • Providers capture data in real-time, ensuring no missing data per QPP processes

  • Facility specific quality measure customization and your organizational performance tracking

  • Organizational tracking of data such as discharge disposition or other quality tracking initiatives

  • Registry and claims submission options

  • Analytics and auditing

MediMobile MIPS Reporting 2023

MIPS Reporting

MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) evaluates clinicians on four performance categories: Quality, Improvement Activities, Promoting Interoperability and Cost. The MIPS score determines whether clinicians receive a positive, negative or neutral payment adjustment on their Medicare Part B claims.

MediMobile has developed an integrated solution to make the collection of data needed for the MIPS program easy & seamless

MediMobile MIPS Reporting Chart for Physicians and Clinicians

  • MIPS measures are integrated into the clinician’s workflow, creating a seamless interaction and ensuring all MIPS questions are answered. 

  • MediMobile rules engine creates a “Hard Stop” to ensure clinicians complete triggered MIPS measure questions.

  • Robust Analytics, reporting and auditing to ensure successful compliance.

  • MediMobile ensures successful MIPS reporting by providing your team access to our leading QPP-MIPS subject matter experts.

MediMobile Transition of Care Management Tools

Transition of Care Management Tools

  • Improve PCP and referring physician communication with our PCP Direct tool
  • Easily communicate patients who are expected to discharge with hospital case management each AM with our automated report
  • Rules based tracking of patients discharge disposition
  • Visibility to any patient who needs a PCP assigned before discharge
MediMobile Length of Stay Management Tools

Length of Stay Management Tools

  • Track patients actual LOS against CMS GMLOS
  • Working DRG visibility
  • Ensure clinician priority rounding for expected discharges 
  • Daily patient / provider assignment tool that uses continuity of care or geographic assignment logic to ensure clinical team consistency is followed 

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