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Charge Capture

Capture ICD-10 and CPT Codes on Any Device

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What is Charge Capture?

MediMobile Revenue Cycle Management

Charge Capture is the action of recording medical diagnoses and procedures. Diagnoses are organized by ICD-10 codes and procedures are codified into a list known as CPTs©, or Current Procedural Terminology. Doctors must record the correct ICD-10 and CPT code in order to be compensated for the care they provided, making charge capture a pivotal component to any practice’s revenue cycle.

Today, most health organizations use paper to record their ICD-10 and CPT codes. We have documented tremendous value in replacing paper with MediMobile’s Charge Capture solution, with practices seeing an increase in revenue of $20k-$30k per provider per year. Why? Charges captured on paper can be lost, misread, or improperly coded. MediMobile’s Charge Capture reduces lost charges, while also drastically decreases your days to bill, allowing you to realize more revenue per month than using paper.

Inadequate charge capture processes or lost charges cost healthcare organizations thousands of dollars per month. Streamlined Charge Capture processes increase revenue efficiency.

MediMobile Charge Capture

Capture charges at the point-of-care in real time

MediMobile Charge Capture optimizes bill creation at the point of service, effectively reducing lost charges and increasing coding accuracy and speed. Customize MediMobile Charge Capture to streamline your workflow, increase your revenue, decrease overhead expenses, and reduce claim denials.

Mobile Charge Capture Advantages:

  • Access your entire practice’s patient database
  • Capture charges in real-time at the point-of-care
  • Track all patient encounters
  • Entire suite of practice management tools
  • Encrypted, HIPAA Compliant Messaging for your entire team
  • ICD-10 Refinement search for accurate coding
  • Search entire CPT codes list in seconds
  • Create bills anywhere, any time
  • Hospital Integrations for most up to date patient information
  • Capture PQRS measures
  • Reduce audit risk
  • Comprehensive Analytics, completely customizable
  • Billing Automation tools
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Transitioning to Value-Based Care

While value-based care is becoming the new norm, providers still need to capture fee-for-service codes in order to get paid. MediMobile helps practices through this transition by providing a fully-customizable workflow engine that can track and report on everything from MIPS quality measures, to clinical quality measures, to custom care paths. By monitoring patient data in real time, MediMobile’s workflow engine can automatically guide providers, document their actions, and measure results, which can then be linked back to patient outcomes.

How MediMobile Charge Capture Works

Live hospital interfaces feed patient data to MediMobile. Capture ICD-10 and CPT codes, create the bill, and deliver instantly to your coders and billers.

MediMobile Revenue Cycle Management

Making it Work for You

Practice Management

Puts your practice into your hands

Manage Patient List

Manage your patient list from anywhere

Refinement Search

Find ICD-10 codes quickly using clinical terminology and refinement.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Message anyone on your team and stay HIPAA-compliant

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