We provide reliable charge capture software for medical professionals. Our mobile or web platform adapts to any size physician group or medical specialty.

More than just Charge Capture

Technology beyond charge capture.

We deliver superior data integrations, easy charge capture for physicians and healthcare providers, efficient coding and charge review platform, visible clinical documentation in the application, clinical practice management tools, thorough operational reporting and analytic dashboards.


system integrations

Industry Leading Integrations

We provide from your hospital or facility:

  • Real time HL7 integration engine managing patient admission, discharge or transfer (ADT) notifications
  • Medical documentation feed for your clinicians into our secure system
  • Accurate updates of demographic, insurance, place of service or care relationship information during the patients stay


We integrate with your billing company of choice (BSI) or you can utilize our billing services.

You can benefit:

  • Real time active patient census 24/7/365
  • Immediate visibility to clinical documentation
  • Reduced dependance on lengthy hospital medical record access protocols for your RCM team
  • Higher number of clean claims
  • Reduction in days outstanding
charge reconciliation

Automated Daily Charge Reconciliation

We provide:

Automated clinician visibility alerts to complete:

  • Missing clinical documentation
  • Unsigned clinical documentation
  • Missing charges

Actionable monitoring dashboards for all levels of your organization for effective RCM.

You can benefit:

  • Patient Safety, Compliance Officer & Risk Management Patient Safety Net for clinicians ensuring documentation is completed timely
  • Eliminates medical record deficiencies, improving hospital partner relationships
  • Eliminates manual census reconciliation admin tasks and reduces operational expenses
  • Allows clinical admin support to focus on other tasks such as patient transition of care coordination.
Efficient Workflow

Efficient Coder Workflow

We provide:

  • Immediate access and visibility to clinical documentation
  • Real time insurance and patient status updates are reflected in the application
  • Automated clinician hard stops for MIPS measure CPTII code data collection
  • Access to our “Master coder” for identified clinician education needs


You can benefit:

  • Increased Coder Productivity
  • 100% compliance matching documentation to charges
  • Improved coding confidence and accuracy
  • Immediate access to documentation for clinician audits will reduce the need for QA coding holds
Timely Charge Review

Timely Charge Review

We provide:

  • Structured, efficient charge review & verification process for coders, billers and quality assurance (QA) teams
  • Automated charge review rules engine
  • Automatic build of coder/biller worklists, queues including charge boucebacks
  • Clinical documentation stored in the application


You can benefit:

  • Timely encounter verifications
  • Timely billing
  • Improved clean claim rate
  • Reduction in days outstanding
  • Swift denial and insurance company inquiry response
Partnerships and Integrations

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