MediMobile provides deep learning tools, automating the painstaking charge capture and medical coding process for providers and billing personnel while increasing accuracy, reducing workload and ensuring no missed revenue opportunities.

MediMobile Mobile Charge Capture and Medical Billing Solutions System for Physicians

The MediMobile Difference

For over 20 years, MediMobile has lead the Charge and Information Capture industry through innovation. This continues today as we change the industry by integrating Deep Learning tools with our industry leading Charge Capture and Patient Management tools. Our Goal: Eliminate Charge Capture for providers and reduce backend costs by 50%+.


Your Providers document their visits in the EMR and let us do the rest. This gives our customers a significant advantage streamlining their processes, reduce workload and ensure no missing charges.


  • Reduce workload of Providers

  • Reduce workload of Medical Coders and Billers

  • Receive real-time Clinical documentation viewed directly in MediMobile

  • Receive real-time insurance updates

  • Eliminate charge lag

  • Identify and capture missing charges



The Benefits of MediMobile's Autonomous Medical Coding:

Improve Physician Documentation
Improve Physician Documentation
Reduce Claim Denials
Reduce Claim Denials
Quick Audit Capabilities
Quick Audit Capabilities
Reduce Costs by 50%
Reduce Costs by 50%
Reduce Coder Workload by 75%
Reduce Coder Workload by 75%
Coding Accuracy to Over 95%
Highest Level of Coding Accuracy

Partnerships and Integrations:

Frequently asked questions


MediMobile's AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding is a revolutionary system designed to streamline the coding process for healthcare providers. Traditionally, capturing charges has been a time-consuming task for healthcare professionals, diverting their focus from patient care. 

Using advanced Clinical documentation and a proprietary artificial intelligence technology, our system enables autonomous charge creation and coding. In simple terms, you no longer need to manually capture charges—our system takes care of it for you. We prioritize putting patients first by freeing up valuable time for healthcare providers. To learn more about our autonomous coding engine, click here.

Yes, MediMobile offers full medical billing services for customers. Our medical billing service works directly in our charge capture application. Learn more about our medical billing services here.

Yes! MediMobile offers a comprehensive mobile charge capture solution for physicians as a part of its cutting-edge flagship product. With the software, users can experience fast and effortless charge capture on both iOS and Android devices. The web and mobile charge capture platforms are designed to work seamlessly across all browsers, ensuring an accessible and uninterrupted process. View our mobile charge capture page here.

Our sales team can be reached at You can immediately schedule a demo to see our Autonomous Coding Engine or Mobile Charge Capture solutions here.

If you’re a current user that needs support, please reach out to or visit our support web page here.

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